About Puppy Mills

I have seen, with my own eyes, the inside of a puppy mill. Certain puppies are picked out to grow up in filth, being bred as many times as possible, and then dying in their own pens.

If you read our rescue stories you might remember Lola? She was 8-9 years old and could have had as many as 112+ puppies in her life. Luckily she was saved at the very end and laid to rest peacefully, instead of dying alone and in pain.

These puppy mills literally breed Wheatens (and all others) till they die - without ever giving them proper vet care. Check out examples of this abuse on our Rescue Stories page, the "34 Kerry Blues Rescue". The "Mills" ditch dogs at auctions when they can't sell them, or they are too sick, or when they can't breed them any more.

At auction they all have health certificates signed by a vet certifying them as healthy. In one rescue we have multiple certificates with the same vets name but clearly different signatures.

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