Since the rescued Soft Coated Wheaten terriers will be kept indoors, he/she needs to be exercised daily. Letting a wheaten run around the backyard may not be adequate enough.

We recommend incorporating walks and training sessions into a rescued wheaten’s daily activities.

Playing games with a rescued wheaten is another alternative.

Remember that a rescued wheaten will thoroughly enjoy the one-on-one time with his/her new owner.

Wheatens are known to run away if left off leash. (See Wheaten Characteristics and Temperament Information on the home page) Even the best trained wheaten can have a weak moment. Yes, your wheaten loves you! However, the bunny in the next yard over can seem like the greatest prize of all…for a second. In that second, a wheaten can get himself into a lot of trouble with possible injury or death. So, a rescued wheaten will never be allowed to exercise off leash in an unfenced area. We also recommend waiting at least a year before considering taking a rescued wheaten to an off-leash park (see Socialization on the home page).